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Mission Statement

As a the leader in Google Cloud memes, I know a thing or two about both communicating Google Cloud concepts and building applications on the platform. As a self proclaimed fan boy also, I keep up-to-date with Google’s newest offerings so you don’t have to. My goal is to streamline your GCP usage so you can fosus on what matters: growing your business.

Area of Work

Google Cloud

Using technology to empower development teams to deliver software better faster stronger.



Learn to use Google Cloud like a pro. From the basics to advanced strategies, I’ll give you the knowledge and skills you need to fully leverage the power of Google Cloud.



Take control of your Google Cloud costs. From identifying and eliminating unnecessary expenses to implementing cost-saving strategies, I’ll help you get the most out of your investment.



Streamline your Google Cloud operations with templates. From deployments to scaling, templates provide you with a proven foundation to build upon, and allow you to focus on growing your business.

My Portfolio

Check Some of My Recent Work



What? You don’t want to just take my word for it that I know what I’m talking about? I guess some healthy scepticism is a good thing.

JUN 2020

GCP Professional Cloud Architect

“A Professional Cloud Architect enables organizations to leverage Google Cloud technologies. With a thorough understanding of cloud architecture and Google Cloud Platform, this individual can design, develop, and manage robust, secure, scalable, highly available, and dynamic solutions to drive business objectives.” ~ Google Cloud

DEC 2019

GCP Associate Cloud Engineer

“An Associate Cloud Engineer deploys applications, monitors operations, and manages enterprise solutions. This individual is able to use Google Cloud Console and the command-line interface to perform common platform-based tasks to maintain one or more deployed solutions that leverage Google-managed or self-managed services on Google Cloud.” ~ Google Cloud

NOV 2018

Eagle Scout

“Since 1912, the Eagle Scout rank has represented a milestone of accomplishment—perhaps without equal—that is recognized across the country and even the world.” ~ Scouting.org


Technical Presales Engineer, SADA

Prototype and lead the deployment of scalable Google Cloud Platform (GCP) architectures

SEP 2019 - NOV 2020

DevOps Consultant, Contino

Lead transformations which helped large, heavily-regulated enterprises become fast, agile and competitive.

JUN 2019 - AUG 2019

Automation Intern, Soterea

Automated the data labeling workflow, enabling the creation of consitent well-maintained datasets to power the future of safe self-driving cars.

DEC 2017 - MAY 2019

DevOps Engineer, iconectiv

Facilitated the adoption of DevOps best Practices, though training & pairing with development teams.

OCT 2016 - JAN 2017

Co-Founder, Soda Hop Media

Pioneered accessible cloud gaming technology, aiming to revolutionize the way humans interact with computers.

OCT 2016 - JAN 2017

Contract Consultant, various Minecraft Servers

Honed my development skills across many different teams during the boom of Minecraft.

My Skills

What’s my Skillset?

I’ll be honest, this section here is just the “buzzword bingo” that I play with the search engines. (Also, can you find the two pokeimon?)

AWS GCP Kubernetes
Terraform Azurill Docker
Jenkins GitHub Gorebyss
Python Golang Java
Javascript VueJS Ansible

What People Are Saying About Me?

Love having Aaron on my delivery team. He’s very much on top of things, often getting things done before we realize it. Moreover, he’s been fantastic at collaborating with other coworkers on the delivery team as well as running meetings with client stakeholders. We’ve gotten great feedback on him personally from the client.

Gregory Patmore | Sep 21, 2020

Aaron immediately jumped in suggesting Postgres for storing TF state which we ended up using at the customer! Now in my first engagement with him he has jumped right back in assisting with k8s installs of Jenkins and Artifactory. He has patiently helped me out with some things about Rancher I did not know and paired throughout. He is super fun and easy to work with. He very quickly figured out every bump in the road with the helm installs.

Paul Kordes | Sep 23, 2020

Working with Aaron was a great experience, he had a lot of patience with me and I saw my coding skills improved greatly. Also, Aaron’s presentation skills are excellent which makes demos fun. Keep being an enthusiastic influence!

Jason Lutz | Sep 22, 2020

Aaron is an outstanding technical driven person, I have seen Aaron grow in multiple areas including his interaction with the stakeholder. He earns the teams and stakeholder trust in every engagement he has ever been on. Time after time he has proven to have excellent technical chaps. For Aaron “There is always I way” I personally would take Aaron with me on any engagement, should the opportunity present itself. Aaon is a very responsible individual and takes feedback and applies his learnings almost immediately.

Henry Gallo | Oct 25, 2020

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